Friday, 27 April 2012


A pronoun is a word that takes the place of a noun. There are a few types of pronouns.

1. Personal pronouns
-they can used as subjects or objects in sentences.
I,we, you, he, she, it , they: are used as the subject of a verb
Me, us, you, him, her, it, them: are used as the object of a verb
I like cooking but she likes sewing.
She is the tallest girl in her class.
They were late so the teacher scolded them.

2. Possessive pronouns.
They are used to show who an object belongs to.
This kite is his. (The kite belongs to him)
This bag is mine. (The bag belongs to me)
These books are ours. (These books belong to us)

3. Possessive Adjectives.
They are used to show who an object belongs to. However, they are always followed by a noun.
This is our house. (This house belongs to us)
That is her notebook. (That notebook belongs to her)
Those are your flowers. (Those flowers belongs to you)

4. Interrogative Pronouns.
They are used to ask questions about people, animals or things.
Who are you talking to?
Whose desk is this?
Which sandwich do you want?
What are you hiding?
To whom did you give the book?

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