Friday, 27 April 2012



Use of Adjectives.
-          An adjectives is word that tells us more about a noun (such as a person or a thing). Adjectives are important because they tell us more about the look, colour, smell or feel of something. Adjectives make sentences interesting and informative.

Eg: The beach is so lovely and quite.
       I saw two fat puppies on my way home.
       Mary has an oval-shaped face with big, brown eyes.

Comparison of Adjectives.
-          A comparative adjective compares two nouns with each other. A superlative adjective compares at least three nouns.

Eg:     Adjective        Comparative       Superlative
               tall                   taller                    tallest

        Bee Lee is as tall as Mohan.
        Joe is taller than Bee Lee.
        Hamdan is the tallest among them.

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